M2M Service Provider for the
Most Demanding Applications
Introducing     Aeris GSP™
Platform-as-a-Service offerings that help Operators
bridge the M2M Opportunity Gap

The Aeris 2014 SIM Swap

Free GSM SIMs for Qualifying Customers


Introducing AerCloud:
The Next Generation Application Enablement Platform

Harness the Power of your M2M Data from the Cloud

“No other platform we evaluated provided the same
level of functionality and flexibility.” 

- Robert Condon, Chief Executive Officer
Fidelity Data Networks

made for machines
M2M Solutions that are Made for Machines:
Broader Reach and More Reliable than
Any Other Network

“Our customers stay connected no matter how
remote their location thanks to Aeris.”

- Giri Baleri, Director of
Product Marketing, Novariant

Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems

“The Aeris solution has put us at the cutting edge of cellular technology. Everyone else is catching up to us, but with the help of Aeris, we've been in the forefront for at least the last five years.”

-Harlan Little, NAFTA Agriculture Business Manager, Leica Geosystems

“Aeris and PeopleNet are great partners, because we both focus on the same thing: Quality of Service. Aeris is a true partner that enhances our offering.” 

– John Binder,
Director of Wireless Operations, PeopleNet

M2M is ALL We Do

Aeris solutions are Made for Machines™. We offer the most reliable and flexible CDMA and GSM M2M solutions available today. As an operator and a technology provider, Aeris can offer end-to-end M2M solutions for even the most demanding customers. No matter how large or small your deployment, Aeris guarantees the industry’s best customer service, highest reliability, and lowest total cost of ownership.

Lower M2M Costs and Increase Revenue

M2M applications are complicated, but through optimized planning, maintenance and troubleshooting, Aeris can help you not only lower your total cost of ownership, but in fact, discover new revenue opportunities. Get started now with optimizing your M2M application.